The People’s Parliament is Open

ppl parliament jpg

The People’s Parliament is a discussion series held in Parliament, hosted by John        McDonnell MP with the aim of livening up, and providing political depth, to the debate in the run up to the next election.

With less than a year to go before the next election, we should be entering a period of intensive debate about the state of the country and the politics we want for the future. Instead, the current narrative is dominated by the bigotry of UKIP against migrants, the vile hounding of anyone on benefits by the Tories and the timidity of many in the Labour leadership to say anything of purpose and principle.

It degrades and demeans us all if we allow this politics to dominate and go unchallenged. One way of taking a stand is to positively engage in real politics. Usually the last place to look for this is in parliament itself. We propose to open the building to a wide range of           discussions on everything from regaining control of our economy,  the current state of our democracy and environment, to our threatened civil liberties.

We urge you all to join in… the full events listing can be found here.

Speakers and Groups include:

David Graeber. Owen Jones. Caroline Lucas MP. Tom Watson MP. George Monbiot. Richard Murphy. Zita Holbourne.  Mark Serwotka. Liz Davies. Michael Mansfield QC. Crisis. Ian Mearns MP. Greenpeace. Andrew Fisher. Francesca Martinez. Nina Power. Southall Black Sisters. Michael Chessum. Big Brother Watch. John McDonnell MP. Duncan Campbell. Gareth Pierce. The Monitoring Group. UK UNCUT. Elfyn Llywd MP. NAPO. Grahame Morris MP. Jeremy Corbyn MP. DPAC.